Grass Club NW

Once the Covid issue passes , and we can run on farm events, there has been a lot of support to set up a Grassland group for anyone involved with grass – which to be fair is most of us.

These would all be help on farm in a simple format 1-2 hour time slot.

Topics to cover all system utilizing grass

  • Paddock Grazing for Sheep and Beef
  • Multi Cut Silage- making it work
  • Herbal leys – do they have a place
  • Direct Drilling /No Ploughing Grass Establishment
  • Spring Block Calving – making paddocks works
  • High Production from Forage
  • Organic Dairying on a forage system
  • Autumn Block Calving – can we run a higher yielding cow at grass
  • Zero Grazing – can it work
  • Robotic milking and Grazing
  • Multi species grass leys
  • Organic Manures making them work for you.