Silage Additive

First Choice Silage additive

Suitable for all forages

Grass Silage

Whole Crop

Maize Silage

Easy to use and mix

Simply fill the Additive Container with water shake to mix (it will look like a milky mix) and pour into silage applicator drum with water at a rate of

Easy to mix / supplied in containers to treat 50 tonnes of product

1 container to 100 litres of water

Application rates/tonne

20-30% Dry Matter = 2 litres/tonne

30-40% DM = 3 litres/tonne (whole crop )

40% DM = 4 litres /tonne (dry Whole crop +40% DM)

So one product suits all forages

First Choice unique amongst silage inoculants. The lactic acid producing bacteria significantly reduce aerobic spoilage in high dry matter grass, whole-crop, and maize silage, reducing heating and minimizing the effect of spoilage organisms. This minimizes clamp losses.