Grass growth compared to 2018 –

  • Blue line 2020 says it all, We are as seen from the graph sooner into the dry period
  • encouraging signs of rain now will have a positive impact – Fingers Crossed
  • Organic Farms are recording the the highest grass growth rates this week – across all farms

Great Grazing Platform

So the pictures below taken last week, are from a Grazing Platform in South Cumbria , the tracks and fence network have made a real difference to grass quality and yield – on what are challenging soils !!!

This Week

The Dry spell continues – as grass growth falls 39% on 2 weeks ago – Rain would be great – check out the graph on the page above.- the need to assess forage stocks now is now to ensure you have a plan of attack.

Checked out some excellent additions to grazing systems this week – new tracks and newly established Grazing set up for Robots all in the Ribble Valley

Reseeding has come to a halt as the dry conditions continue – be patient wait for rain on the Horizon before drilling is my advice at present.

Crypto Occur Calf Treatment for Calves , the success with this product seems to pick up week on week , more and more people are using this and seeing some improved results

This Week update

Growth rate on grass responds to rain 12 days ago – see the graph on the link above

1st Cut Silage early cuts have gone well- Remember if you need additive please let me know – I am carrying stock all the time at present

Also in aftermaths we have been rejuvenating a number of Fields to boost production for future cuts with new Grasses at 8-10 kg/Acre of rejuvenation grass seed – these are mainly Tetraploid type Grass mixtures which have the ability to compete with the existing sward

Also looking at soon direct drilling some mixed species leys in to old grassland (and spraying off existing grass ),Species are Hybrid / Cocksfoot/ Timothy and PRG grasses plus clover this should give a longer grazing period for grazing sheep.

Crypto Occur is still doing well as a Treatment for Cypto in calves feed from day 3 to day 10 with milk powder or whole milk.