Grass Growth down by 38%

Grazing grass paddock growth rates are running at approx. 35-40 Kg (July average should be 55-60 kgdm/day).The rain is going to make a difference to this al being well

The rainfall should now signal the time to start looking at reseeding and planning which fields need work on, also now is the time to look at pasture renovation as soils are warm and grass growth is slowing down a little enabling the new grass’s to establish themselves, don’t forget Agscope supplies John Watson and BSH seeds.

Grass Growth Slows down

Current grass growth is running at between 32-64 kg /DM/Ha , in the Lancashire /South Cumbria region, it is slowing down as expected with dry weather and grass curve kicking in. It means that has a graze to graze period of approx. 30 days.

Grass Protein 22-26% , Dry Matter 20% plus, ME 11.5 , means a potential yield from all grazed grass of 16-17 litres.

Grass growth Kg/DM/day June 17th

Grass growth this week in the Preston Area running at approximately 74 kg/DM/day, which is down on last week, but still respectable it means a field the graze to graze period (regrowth ), is running at about 19-20 days.

Soil temperature running at 15 degrees and raising.

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