Grass growth Kg/DM/day June 17th

Grass growth this week in the Preston Area running at approximately 74 kg/DM/day, which is down on last week, but still respectable it means a field the graze to graze period (regrowth ), is running at about 19-20 days.

Soil temperature running at 15 degrees and raising.

Agscope Ltd

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Supplying advice and products to maintain and healthy and profitable Soil, Plant & Animal.¬†¬†” Feeding Soil Plant & Animal”.

Agscope was set up 10 years ago, and we have since worked with clients both in the North west and Nationally.

Examples of products retailed are Grass & Root crop seeds, Bespoke dairy minerals, Dairy compounds , rumen buffers, soil conditioning products as well as advice on dairy diets , soil nutrient work and Costing’s

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