Grass Growth hits Magic day


With grass growth hitting rates of 75kg/DM/day in Lancashire, we need to focus on grass management, if we let grass grow too far a head of cows we will struggle to maintain quality during the rest of the grazing year.

Key points

Make sure cows graze down the paddocks to residue of 1500-1700 kg/DM/Ha

Turn cattle into fields of roughly 3000-3200 kg, if they getting towards 4000 kg, then make the decision to take these fields out off the grazing platform for now, and cut this field for silage.

Graze at 3 leaf stage

Consider the dry matter of grass at grazing when it comes too feeding the high yielding cows, they may not be getting the required amount of dry matter

Don’t forget the magnesium levels in the diet.

Grass protein is recording 24-27% at present which is a great driver for milk production from grass.

With soil temperature’s of 10-11 degrees we can see grass growth only going one way at present and that is upwards

March grazing near Preston

Cows are out

DSC_0183 With grass growth hitting the 33kg/dm/day mark this week , we have seen some dairy cows out during the day time, grass quality is obviously variable at present but we do know that the protein levels are around the 24-26 % mark.

Good cow tracks are key to early grazing they allow fields to be grazed with good covers earlier in the spring and later in the autumn , tracks are never a investment that is regretted


EM silage Additve on some very dry Whole crop has proved a success

Treating whole crop wheat can often be interesting to say the least, but I used some EM Silage additive on a very dry whole crop (you could nearly of had the combine in), the results have been very impressive because there has been very little wastage and heating on the clamp face.

Plate metres are out covers have dropped off over the last week by approximately 100 kg/DM/Ha, but some covers are running at approx. 2000 kg/DM/Ha, we did not get grass covers like this until Mid April last year.

Soil temps running at 5-7 degrees (daytime)

Plate metre

Cows Still Grazing 7 months on !.


Seeding Demo with Townson Tractors And Greenmaster Seed Drills

Seeding Demo with Townson Tractors And Greenmaster Seed Drills

Grazing cows this year has been a dream compared with last year, some herds in this area have been grazing for 7 months plus now, unheard of last year. This week grass has been growing at 55kg/dm/ha (this is a may growth rate).

Saw some fantastic maize trials last week near Chester, many thanks to Ian and the team at Effective Micro Organisms for sorting this, the variety trials and the E28 fertiliser where really eye opening.

We had a great day looking at the merits of renovating pastures with a green master drill (see above), I will keep you posted on how the reseeded fields look in  time.