Out and About

Herbal ley at Over Wyresdale near Lancaster ( drilled in June 22 ) the stocking rate has been really impressive and rotational grazing really makes this mix work

Redstart Kale /Hybrid drilled in a dry spring being fed in July as a useful catch crop – amazing how this did considering the conditions


Direct Drilling – Older Swards

Ideal time is after a cut of Silage – as seen below , this is after a 4th Cut in 2019 , Nr Kirkham , the seed used here is made up of Tetraploids and White clover – just designed to replace the replace the shorter lived grasses in the exsisting mixture

Richard Seeds Drill ERTH drill – once its drilled that’s it close the gate and leave for 2-3 weeks then graze

Paddock Grazing

My time in New Zealand – taught me a lot about the value of grazing and how having the correct infrastructure will make a major difference to Utilization. This applies to Dairy , Sheep and beef .

Grass is always the cheapest form of dry Matter on any farm , and one way to improve production from forage on the majority of farms.