Kirkham Farmers Discussion Group

Kirkham Discussion Group, founded apparently in the 1930’s by a ministry initiative intended to pass on technical ideas and concepts to farmers in a local area, quite a number of these groups have since died out , but at Kirkham we are still going strong. Meeting six times a year during the winter months (October until March), we have invited speakers in to present ideas or talk/discuss hot topics


We have heard from

  • Geno Gentics ,Wes Bluhm came along to talk about the concept of cross breeding in UK dairy Herd.
  • Lambert Lenard and May (Large animal vets ), looked at TB in Lancashire but also other disease threats we need to be aware of
  • GEA Dairy systems (Shepherd dairy services),¬†explained the pros and cons of green bedding systems , and experience to date with this concept

Next Meeting Jersey Society held on January 6th 2014

Thanks for now Jim

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