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Grass is still a dairy farmers most cost effective feed in the North West of England, its flexible , you can Graze it in situ or Conserve it for later use. On a recent trip to Ireland I learnt that the more a dairy farm moves away from achieving yield from forage the more the margins are hit in a downward way.

Agscope ltd has over many years worked with Watson Seeds and Germinal Seeds to provide its clients with Quality grass seed mixtures and forage crops.

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In 2015 we see new grass varieties introduced to mixtures “Aberwolf¬†” which is a outstanding high sugar grass which provide excellent yields under cutting and grazing regimes.”Abergain” is a another outstanding high sugar grass , which is a late tetrapliod which provides excellent quality and the best D Value in spring.

The Grass Mixtures we use are award winning at local and National level, and they evolve to incorporate the new varieties as and when they become available.

Mixture examples

Red Tantallon – This is a silage only mixture , and is designed to produce high protein silage to replace bought in concentrates. Up to 3 cuts per year , Redclover will reduce the need for bought in Fertiliser, and a % of high sugar grass helps improve fermentation.

Duart– A dairy system mixture (graze and cut) with a high % of late perennials this allows for a flexible cutting date and maintains grass quality in terms of D Value.

Edzell– this is a medium long term grass mixture designed to have a high leaf to stem ratio, it’s grasses have been selected for hardiness and persistency as well as good ground cover.

These are just a few examples of mixtures available,

Other forage crop options are Redstart and Swift ,(Hybrid Kale /Rape) these offer excellent forage dry matter through the winter months, they are great pioneer crops before grass reseeds and are a serious consideration in terms of reducing the need for bought in concentrates.

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