Grass Growth 2024 update

1st May grass update – 33% behind last year, low grass protein %.

26th March grass growth curve (blue line is 2024)

2024 new season curve

Final graph for 2023

Grass growth for the year is 2% up overall on 2022 , so not as much as some predicted , New Season starts in 90 days time 1st of Feb

18th Sept 2023

3rd August Grass Growth update , estimated 2% up year on year above 2022

4th July back 20% on last week (numbers are all over the place this week )

27th June Grass growth Update we Had rain 2 weeks ago and the results are kicking in now

4% back year to date on total grass grown !!

6th June 23 update

lack of water is showing a dip grass growth to 50 kg DM/ha this week


Grass growth drops as the drier weather kicks in


Grass Growth hits a 5 year high blue line says it all


soil temperatures above 11 degrees now and grass is responding