Bonanza Milk Powders

  Milk Powders  
Transformula   Unique Product designed to be fed after Colostrum Milk , ideally fed from day 2 to day 12 , A skim and whey milk replacer using milk protein with added immunostimulants and probiotics for feeding calves in the first days of life  
Milkyway Skim Milk Powder A concentrated skim based calf milk replacer made from milk proteins, with high levels of energy. Milky way can be fed at lower rates without compromising calf health and growth  
Shine Once-a-day A skim based calf milk for feeding calves milk once-a-day. Low heat skim milk is used to ensure  the milk forms a curd in the calf’s stomach and is slowly released throughout the day.   
Shine Twice a Day Shine is highly digestible, easy mixing and palatable for the young calf. Inclusion of skim is less than in Shine Once-a-day and thus it is tailored for twice daily feeding. It is also suitable for use in machines  
Crypt-Occur Milk Supplement Crypt-Occur
* Will aid in the control of Cryptosporidium & E.Coli by reducing the severity of infection * Enhances gut immunity and protection in young vulnerable calves * Possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects

Once Cryptosporidium has been diagnosed on your farm we would recommend the use of Crypt-Occur®️. In conjunction with regular disinfecting (with approved cryptosporidium disinfectant), for calves, look to use Crypt-Occur®️. Crypt-Occur®️ is a carefully formulated, synergistic blend of ingredients designed to support the gut, immune system and intestinal microflora of calves at risk of cryptosporidia and other pathogens. Esterified butyrins and plant extracts enhance the barrier effect of the gut wall through their positive effects on the tight junctions and mucus production. This helps to minimise “leaky gut” and reduce the passage of pathogens and antigens into the bloodstream of the calf causing inflammation. Essential oils, plant extracts and fatty acids work together to reduce any gut inflammation, which can also be induced by the stress commonly experienced by young calves. Calves need gradual exposure to disease causing organisms and parasites such as cryptosporidium to allow the build up of immunity without the production of disease. Strengthening the immune system with egg products (dried), yeast components included in Crypt-Occur®️and the use of fatty acids, butyrins and prebiotics to balance the gut microflora, Crypt-Occur®️ is a formidable product for use when cryptosporidosis threatens calf heal