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Great to see Cross Slot doing well in the Uk

Well done to everyone at PrimeWest, for bringing this technology to UK, No tillage is a sustainable way to manage our soils, but it needs the right equipment , and Cross Slot is that machine. Look after our soils they will look…

Magic day its well and truely here

Grass Growth across Lancashire this week have taken us above last years curve, this is after however a slow start. So keeping on top of grass is key now to ensure quality through the season. Grass protein is recorded at…

New Grazing season starts for 2015

As some dairy cows start to venture out on to grazing platforms at the start of the 2015 season, so does the measuring of grass growth. The light green line are this years measurements to date , so it is…

Cow Building Lighting Getting it right can make a difference !.

Something to think about

Lux levels

A bright sunny day 80,000 lux

Overcast day 2000-5000 lux

Modern Office 500 lux

A typical cow building 50-60 lux Uk (winter daytime)


Milk Cows

Evidence shows that milk output and feed intake is highest when light periods of 16-18 hours per day at 160-200 lux, and dark levels of 50 lux for 6-8 hours.

Dry cows however are different there is new work to say that they prefer long nights and shorter days (8 hours light and 16 hours dark), this has shown improvements in subsequent lactations (it effects mammary gland growth and immune function).Dairy Nutrition