Soil Sampling until the end of March will give you a indication of Soil Nutrient Status 

Planning Reseeding  for the 2018 Grass season – new grass varieties available (for example Aberzeus , a outstanding new Diploid from Germinal )

A new product which can be added to a grazing compound is NOVATAN, this utilises excess protein in the diet, so is good for the cow and the environment  

Fantastic new grass ley and the cell grazing systems is really making a difference to our production from forage on this farm, we estimate at this point a  saving of £3000 on lamb finisher , by utilising grass like this, also it has enabled more silage to be made elsewhere on the farm DSC_0057

Grass growth overtakes 2015 year to year figure,

The paddock systems this year have really proved there worth, excellent growing conditions and good infrastructure have really helped boost milk from grass (the cheapest route to milk production by far).

New Grass leys established last year have preformed well turning grass into milk effectively

This is the growth rate chart for Lancashire /South Cumbria, taken from grazing platforms

Aug 31

We have done quite a area of Pasture renovation this year, soil temperatures are fairly high at 16-17 degrees so germinations have been very quick.

Renovating a pasture process Graze/Cut as low as you can go – Drill a renovation seed into the sward- Roll- graze for 7 days- Remove stock for 3 weeks, then back the rotation


photo.JPG drill

cropped-P1010143.jpgGrass Growth Still keeps going Average grass growth of 64 kg in the 2nd week of August (55 kg in 2015 ) Read More →