Animal Nutrition

Rumen Buffer option

  • Agscope is a Associate of New Breed UK, (and has been for over 15 Years )
  • New Breed Offers flexibility of feed supply from across a number of feed manufacturers

I am also a FAR registered feed advisor , this means we are assessed on a Annual basis by means of CPD

There are a number of Feed Ranges Available from across this supply base

  • Dairy Compounds
  • Bespoke Dairy Blends
  • Young Stock Blends and Compounds
  • Sheep feeds

One of the new Dairy Compounds based on Maize based energy sources is a New Breeds Maizeline Range , this has proved its self on farm time and time again , it offers a slow release energy supply for milk quality and Quantity with out impacting on Rumen health – works well in Robots or 2 x day feeding systems