Month: March 2020

Damaged Swards what next

Grass Renovation for Winter damaged fields What next ? When its dry enough Graze down as much as possible . Aerate if soil is capped on the surface Then scratch seed or direct drill new Grass seeds into the surface…

Grass Growth Doubles in a week !!-

Ground conditions changing by the day – what seemed impossible to walk on last week looks totally different today (ish) Soil temperatures of 9.5-10 degrees- grass will grow at a pace

Grass Growth on the up

Soil temperatures at 9.5-10 degrees and after this weekend more day than night , so grass growth is going one “up” , we are still behind last year by approx 36% to date.

Loads of Grass !!

Just waiting for a few dry days so we can re start grazing again. Grass Growth this week 7 kg DM/day , this time last year it was 17 kg. Soil sampling – part of the a day in the…

Kirkham Discussion Group Visit

We had a great meeting at Wareings Farm Buildings, great to see a local company doing well and also learn about its long history of supporting British Agriculture.